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I am a painter and watercolour is my medium.
My motives is mainly things I see and consider beautiful - though most people just passes by. Faded things. Old rusty machinery, seed cases and last autum flowers, those are the objects that attracts me. I did have a period of dead insects too …

I have no formal degree in art, but I have attended several short courses held by renowned swedish and norwegian artists such as Lars Holm and Morten Paulsen.

Between 2011 and 2013 I took the Distance Learning Diploma Course held by Society of Botancial Artist (UK) and ended up with a diploma with Higher Pass on it.

I will try to mix the controlled way of botanical art with the not so controlled paintstyle of the north...., time will tell.
To see my paintings, please enter the section named Akvareller (watercolour in swedish).

If you want to contact me, mail me on …….


My art (The statement)
My meetings with flowers will just become personal
I paint brittle steems and withered seeds
This is my deeds
Sepia, Sienna, Quinacridone - my memories
of the grain they bounce with open flair
A flower, a leaf, a straw
Just so, that's how I draw